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Ordinarily choosing the right mattress is not an easy task. However, in our society making the choice is quite simple because only a few users consider the health benefits before making a choice.

Every individual has a unique way of sleeping every night. Sometimes, the way you sleep determines the ideal firmness of your new bed. Ideally, making use of an expert in choosing your mattress will not only give you good health but will also give you good rest. We recommend a visit to the Winco foam homepage for consultations.

Another difficult task in choosing the right mattress is disposing of the old one and going through the tiring process of selecting a new mattress that will serve you well for years to come. Many manufacturers of mattresses offer foam swap. The Winco mattress swapping service is for everyone that owns an old or discomforting mattress in their home, the service is affordable and stress-free.

You might be faced with the choice of choosing from the dozens of options, manufacturers and a handful of types and materials. Always go for the best product in the market. Take a walk to any of Winco outlets to diminish your options.

Whenever you have the thought of buying a new mattress, consider the following factors.

The best mattress should match the way you sleep at night and provide the best support to you throughout the night.

There is no doubt that sleeping is the most important activity of the day. When you sleep well at night, it helps you get through the day. To gain the benefit of good sleep, you will need to select the perfect mattress. As a first-timer or someone oblivious of selecting the best, things are usually confusing. There are different materials and firmness.

When we consider that mattress is a big-money purchase, one needs to get it right the first time. We help you with this definitive starter guide in your dream of purchasing a brand new mattress.

  1. Do you need a new mattress?

As a first-timer, you should try as much as possible to get a brand new mattress that will last you 8 to 10 years.

If you are using a foam that is more than 10 years, consider making a change especially, if the foam has been used at all times. Normally, is appropriate to get a brand new mattress every eight to ten years.

There is always a sign indicating the need for you to change your mattress. If you are waking up on the wrong side of the bed every morning feeling tired or sore, consider replacing your mattress. An uneasy night’s sleep could be a result of an uneven or lumpy mattress. This you will discover when you have the opportunity to sleep in a gorgeously comfortable bed elsewhere or when you go on a holiday.

When a mattress is old, the possibility of bugs, mites, dead skin cells and perspiration accumulated throughout the years.

A guide on how to eliminate pesky bed bugs might interest you.

  1. How do you start?

Buying a cheap mattress online or at stores increases the chances of you getting what you bargained for. A cheap and low-quality mattress tend to wear out faster than the more expensive ones.

The firmness of every mattress should be a concern to you. Typically you will need to gauge the firmness before you purchase. Firmness is how soft a mattress feels when you jump into bed. This differs from individual to individual based on body type and weight. What Mr A considers soft might be considered hard by Mr B.

Quick Test Result

  • It’s soft when you sink quite deep when lying down, roughly about 4cm – 8cm.
  • Medium when you sink between 2cm – 4.5cm
  • It is hard when you sink 2cm or less.

For reference purpose here are mattress sizes

  1. Single size: 190cm x 91cm
  2. Super Single size: 190cm x 107cm
  3. Queen size: 190cm x 152cm
  4. King size: 190cm x 182cm
  1. Get your mattress firmness to match your sleeping pattern

Every individual has a unique sleeping pattern. We take a look at the type of Mattress to buy for the type of sleeper you are:

  1. Side sleeper: If you are a type that sleeps on your side, choose a mattress that is soft to medium-firm. This will help to support and hug your body’s curves.
  2. Back sleeper: The best sleeping position is the back sleeper. A back sleeper should be comfortable with any kind of mattress. But if you are bereft of choice, you can go for a mattress with medium firmness.
  3. Sleeping on your stomach: If you are the type that sleeps on your stomach, you will have to get a slightly firm or medium mattress. This helps to reduce back problems in future and as well keeps your spine aligned at all times.

If you have a bigger frame, about 65kg and above, you should opt for a firmer choice no matter your sleeping position. Your bodyweight will push onto a soft mattress and that might cause health issues. If you have a small body frame, it is also necessary that you go for the soft or medium firm as the hard firm will result in health issues.

  1. Select the best type of mattress.

mat type e1638473641652Mattresses considered standard often comes with several metal springs (also known as coils) or pocket springs that serve as the core. These layers are covered by layers of padding and foam. Some standard foam doesn’t have springs or coils. Spring mattresses can last long. How long the spring lasts depends on the number of springs inside, the thickness, shape, and how it’s arranged.

Let us take a look at the types of mattresses:

Latex: This type of mattress can be expensive. It is made of natural rubber material. It can last close to 20 years if taken good care of. It doubles the usual lifespan of a spring mattress. Latex mattresses are less susceptible to picking up moulds and bugs. This is the advantage latex mattresses have over others. Latex mattresses are well ventilated and were made to give the user a good night sleep. It is important to note that some mattresses manufacturers use partial or full synthetic latex which is less springy than natural latex.

Poly: This type of mattress is found in budget mattresses. When the price is higher, the mattresses become more durable and firmer. The poly mattress is not good for the long term because it attracts heat. The best place to use the poly mattress at the guest rooms.

Memory Foam: This is a type of foam that supports the human body evenly and prevents sores that comes from other mattresses. It is important to know how memory foam keeps your body after lying on it. The only disadvantage of memory foam is the attraction of heat. Memory foams attract heat. When the user’s body is warm, the body sinks into the foam. Currently, memory mattresses newer productions come with airflow features. They dispel heat, keeping the user cool throughout the night of sleep.

Different manufacturers of mattresses use different materials in their productions. One manufacturer might decide to use coiled metal springs topped with latex mattresses and another might opt to use a few layers of patented support materials covered in memory foam.

  1. Test your mattress before you purchase

testing matAs soon as you have resolved of buying a mattress and your eyes are set on what you are looking for, you should pay a visit to a furniture shop. In this case, we recommend any Winco mattress outlet within your vicinity. You should ensure that you test the mattress you are buying. When you test a new mattress, don’t just press it down with your hands only or sit on it. Make sure you lie down on it irrespective of what the people around might think. Lay for about 3 to 5 minutes and experience what it offers your body. Think of comfort and a good support system.

Try different sleeping positions. If you are with your partner, both of you should try and lay on the mattress together. Your body knows the best, therefore, you have to trust yourself.

  1. Go for a mattress with a warranty

winco 1Generally, when you buy a product, always demand a warranty from the seller. If you have finally settled for a particular mattress, do not make the payment until you check and confirm there is a warranty available to you. When you spend big to invest in your sleep, you should be sure that there is a warranty to guarantee your investment against structural flaws, faulty parts and defects. These defaults are the responsibility of the manufacturer to fix at zero expense to you.

Ask the following important questions:

  • How long does the warranty cover? The higher the number of years, the better for you.
  • Will the warranty address any issue that might arise? Sinking and sagging are the common issues that come with a mattress. Make sure that your warranty covers them for many years.
  • What terms of the warranty are prorated and not prorated? Sometimes we inadvertently void the warranty over the silliest mistake. Removing a tag on the product might nullify your warranty. Be careful and read out the terms clearly and make sure you understand your right to the warranty.
  1. Take good care of the Mattress

This is the most important guide to purchasing a mattress. Findings show that most people don’t care about their mattresses in our society. To extend the lifespan of a mattress, you have to make sure that you use a protector. Once in a while air your mattress. Make it a duty to rotate your mattress so often. This will make it wear out evenly.

jumping on bedYour mattress is not your cushion or sofa, it is not a trampoline. On no account should you jump on the bed or sit on the edge of the bed. Sitting at the edge of the mattress or bed damages the mattress no matter how high quality it is. Some of the mattresses have straps on the side. Those straps are just for rotating the mattress. If your mattress is heavy, always use assistance to carry it or rotate it.